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Upstate Nutrition Consultants!

What We Do:

The registered dietitians at Upstate Nutrition Consultants practice nutrition according to the latest trends in Medical Nutrition Therapy, focusing on developing appropriate solutions for individualized care, coming from a variety of diverse backgrounds in the fields of nutrition and fitness.

Meet Wendy Watkins, President & CEO

During her 30-year career as a Registered Dietitian and Licensed Dietitian/Nutritionist, Wendy Watkins has developed specialized expertise in the nutrition field.  A seasoned consultant in the long-term care sector, and an experienced personal nutrition counselor, Watkins also serves...

Nutrition Counseling


Upstate Nutrition Consultants has a team dedicated to individualized nutrition counseling for people of all ages. We also consult for a variety of healthcare facilities, as well as work closely with physician practices and offer support to corporations. Our primary goal is to help people learn how to make better lifestyle choices for better overall health.


Whatever your need, we can help!

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