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Top 10 reasons for eating Carrots

Have you had your carrots today? Maybe you don't realize there are 10 very good reasons why you should be eating this wonderful vegetable every day.

1. They taste good. Carrots have a mild, pleasant flavor that is great by themselves or blended with other foods.

2. Carrots can be eaten cooked or raw. Crunchy or soft, from soups to salad, it's entirely up to your mood or your menu.

3. Kids (even toddlers) like the mild taste of carrots.

4. Raw carrots are great to carry in a sack lunch, to your next picnic, or in the car when you are on the go.

5. Carrots are available and in season all year long.

6. Carrots are inexpensive all year.

7. They are a great source of Vitamin A and Beta Carotene. Vitamin A is very important for healthy skin, eyes, hair, growth, and helps our bodies resist infections. Beta Carotene is linked to reducing chronic diseases such as cancer and heart disease!

8. Carrots are a good source of fiber. Fiber is important of our gastrointestinal tracts and is linked to reducing cholesterol in our bodies.

9. Carrots are low in calories. One average carrot contains about 30 calories.

10. Carrots are a great source of alpha carotene, probably more powerful than beta carotene in inhibiting processes that may lead to tumour growth.


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